KG DYER, Sample dyeing machine model ZY-1 is a patented high temperature dyeing machine for Laboratories, thanks to the special design of mechanism, flow control, heating technology and temperature management, ZY-1 ensures all advantages including simple and easy operation, levelling dyeing results, feasibility of low liquor ratio, tension free, etc. This machine can be used as QC apparatus to inspect any defects such as fabric dyeing barrier, dyeing spot, etc. which may occur after dyeing process, also suitable for all applications in which the maximum sample weight is up to 1 Kg.


Temperature range   :~135℃
Heating principle       : Electric heating
Temperature control : Touch screen
Heating rate              : 0~ 3.0℃/min
Cooling system         : Air cooling
Liquor ratio               : 1:8 or above
Liquor volume           : 2~8 L
Sample weight          : 1 Kg (Maximum)
Machine dimension   : 600 x 680 x 910mm (L x W x H)
Machine weight         : 90 Kg
Power connection     : 220V x 1PH x 3KW