The basic principle is to have a continuous type laboratory machine which exactly has the same characteristics like a production STENTER machine to replicate testing results, suitable for drying, thermosoling and curing samples.


P-TENTER consists of the following parts:

-  1 pair of vertical type pneumatic mangle, model P-A1

-  1 hot-air dryer with pin-chain transportation system, model MINI-TENTER 

-  1 fabric pin-up device 



Vertical type padding mangle, model P-A1 is built as a floor model, made of high grade stainless steel. Ergonomically 

designed for fast, convenient use. Samples as well as fabrics of a certain length can be easily dyed and impregnated. 

The supply of compressed air shall be available to activate the pneumatic padding system.

The required squeezing pressure is adjustable with two independent pressure regulators, viewed on two precise gauges.

With this lab-scale machine to simulate and identify the parameters applied at production, satisfactory results can be obtained.
Except the main rack, The entire machine is made of stainless-steel with the following features: 



1)    1 pair of padding rollers made of NBR rubber 
2)    material of 70°shore hardness, three-ton nip
3)    pressure @5kg/sq. cm. (roller dia. 125mm by 450mm width)
4)    2 diaphragm valves
5)    2 pressure gauges (up to 5kg/cm)
6)    2 pressure regulating valves LHS/RHS
7)    Driven by a 1/4 HP electric motor with speed reducer
8)    Safety device includes a rod, an emergency button and a knee pedal to ensure safety
9)    Machine will be automatically stopped and both padding rollers will be released as soon as emergency situations happen
10)  A fluid bed of 500cc capacity is supplied
11)  Fit with a handy spray and air apparatus, thus the rollers as well as the dye trough can be comfortably rinsed, cleaned and dried


As a continuous type stenter/dryer, suitable for all applications where a certain sample length is required in a continuous process.

Except the main rack, the entire machine is made of stainless-steel for electric heating.


1.  Sample size : width is adjustable between 10~33 cm, length is unlimited
     Endless pin-chain system allowed for continuous transporting
2.  Continuous transport with variable speed control with a frequency inverter
    Dwell time in the oven chamber from 20sec-6min viewable on the touch screen 
3.  Electric heating 18KW, temperature range from 30℃-250℃ through hot-air circulation
4.  The chamber complet with:
     a. A sleek touch screen controller
     b. 1 set of 1/4 HP driving motor
     c. 3 sets of hot-air circulation fans driven by a 1/4 HP motor
5.  All relevant components such as switches, buttons, signal lamps, etc. are included



Integrated at the exit of machine which allows fabric to automatically drop into a collection box.