EZ DOSER (three-in-one design), the newest Laboratory dosing system , the functioning principle of recipes dispensing is based on volumetric measuring by means of an advanced robot pipette, besides recipe dispensing, this product also integrates with stock solution preparation and stirring system, each of the functions can work independently and accurately. EZ DOSER is a piece of indispensable equipment in dyeing laboratory to increase the reproducibility of bulk dyeing.


Mainly complete with the following critical components:

    • 1 set of electronic balance (accuracy0.01 gram) with a splash guard for stock solution preparation

    • 1 set of built-in 6-position stirrer with independent adjustable speed control for stock solution preparation

    • Water tank with heating system (8-liter automatic water refill system)

    • Models available :

      ED- 40   ( 40 solution bottles )  
      ED- 80   ( 80 solution bottles )  
      ED-120  ( 120 solution bottles ) 

    • Every solution bottle is equipped with a stainless-steel injector and a stirrer

      (No washing process is required, totally eliminates the potential risks of dye cross-contamination)

    • Advanced Robotic X-Y-Z axis mechanism, powered by 3 servo motors

    • Injector (syringe) of 60ml capacity, made of SS316

    • Volumetric dispensing with ±0.01cc accuracy.

    • 16 pot positions for dispensing recipes 

    •  Drawer type automatic solution bottle stirrer, with speed control 

    • 1 set of built-in voltage stabilizer is equipped.

    • Machine Dimensions ( L x W x H ) :
      171 x 146 x 193 cm ( Model ED-40 )     

      231 x 146 x 193 cm ( Model ED-80 )     

      291 x 146 x 193 cm ( Model ED-120 )   


     Other specifications are available upon request