MINI TENTER, the Flexible Continuous pin chain type hot Air dryer, suitable for all applications where a certain sample length is required in a continuous process.

* Floor model

* Can be used for:

   - Continuous working with endless pin chain

   - Batch working with pin frame ( adjustable in length and width )

* Width of test samples

   - Transport by endless pin chain 100 - 350mm

   - Transport by pin frame 125 - 250mm

* Electronic speed control for dwell time from 20sec. to 6min

* Electric heating 18KW; Temperature 20℃~250℃

* High drying and thermosoling performance thanks to 3 sets of powerful air circulating fan.

* 2 sets of temperature controller with digital display indicating and controlling at entry and exit

* Option for fabric Pin-up device which lead fabric to reserve box at the end of MINI TENTER

* Also available for working width 600mm (on request)