Vertical type model P-AO, this extremely versatile laboratory padding mangle is built as a floor model. High grade stainless steel construction. Ergonomically designed for fast, convenient use. Short samples as well as fabrics with a length of several meters can be easily dyed. Suitable for all dyeing, printing, finishing, and padding processes.

AIR PAD has been equipped with a pneumatic load system and therefore it needs a supply of compressed air. Two very precise pressure gauges enable a good reproducibility of the required squeezing pressure. The latter can be adjusted on two independent pressure regulators. By simulating the production level process parameters on laboratory scale, satisfactory results can be achieved with AIR-PAD.

* Roller width 450mm diameter 125mm

* Padding rollers of 70 shore hardness

* Content of liquor trough approx. 500cc

* Safety devices include a safety rod to prevent incorrect handling; emergency button and a knee pedal to stop the machine operation.

* Handy spray and air apparatus provided, thus the rollers as well as the dye trough can comfortably be rinsed, cleaned and dried.

* Together with our laboratory Mini-Dyer, Mini-Tenter, or laboratory steamer, they form an ideal combination for your laboratory.

* Air compressor can be supplied on request